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EnLyte and Deplin: What is the difference?

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EnLyte and Deplin: What is the difference? Empty EnLyte and Deplin: What is the difference?

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:06 pm

EnLyte and Deplin: What is the difference?

* Deplin is a medical food containing L-methylfolate, the active dietary form of the vitamin B9 (folate).
* EnLyte is an FDA-regulated prescription medication. This ensures prescribing uniformity and integrity, maintains your (the prescriber's) prescriptive authority, and allows for insurance coverage. Also EnLyte holds the FDA USP for dissolution and degradation of folates-an FDA standard only about 1/3 of folates have. This is a huge safety and confidence standard.

* Deplin contains L-methylfolate calcium.
* EnLyte contains L-methylfolate magnesium, a form that has twice the solubility of the calcium form. It also contains folinic acid, and citrated folacin-these are the 3 forms of folate proven effective in depression as cited in the Fava study-the largest study on folates to date. EnLyte contains all 3 in therapeutic doses-"delta folate".

EnLyte and Deplin: What is the difference? Screen10

* EnLyte also contains reduced b-vitamin metabolites-these are critical to the reduction of homocysteine and neurotransmitter synthesis, especially in the presence of enzyme polymorphisms such as the MTHFR polymorphism.
L-methylfolate addresses MTHFR alone, but there are actually numerous, common b vitamin enzyme polymorphisms.

This may explains why psychiatrists report treating with L-methylfolate alone delivers less than robust results. Without these cofactors, the methyl trap can occur, homocysteine will not be reduced, and maximum neurotransmitter production will not take place. 

* EnLyte also contains PS Gold Omega 3's, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C. It is certified gluten free, artificial dye free, casein free, and calcium free. 

* EnLyteis pregnancy category A, and safe for use down to age 6.

(6) EnLyte is covered by most insurance providers: costs $58 for one month or $155 for three months full fee with no insurance and less if they have coverage.

Note: Permission obtained from Dr. William Shryer and inventor of Enlyte Towny Robinson of JayMac.

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