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Ask The Therapist: Boyfriend Hears Voices: What Can I Do?

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Ask The Therapist: Boyfriend Hears Voices: What Can I Do?

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:52 am

Boyfriend Hears Voices: What Can I Do?

Hi, I am concerned my partner may have some form of schizophrenia. We have been together almost 6 months and he has always had a drinking issue where he will occasionally drink in excess and then be incredibly aggressive but not remember anything the next day, I always put this down to his age as he is only 20. The other night we went to the football and we were watching a game.. he hadn’t been drinking, I made a comment about the play and my boyfriend said shut up that’s not right. He wouldn’t normally talk to me like this and I was a little taken a back. When we got home that night we were laying down and he told me that he always hears voices in his head and it’s constant so that if we are having a conversation he is there but not really because he has this voice constantly talking away. It explained why he always appears to be not listening. He went on to explain that at the game when he yelled at me he was actually yelling at the voice in his head as he always premeditates what will happen in every situation. He said it’s to the point where he is in constant de jevu and he doesn’t know whether he has already experienced what has happened or whether he actually leaves his mind and then comes back into the situation. He explained he drinks to numb the voices, he has been diagnosed with anxiety and takes medication efexor-xr. He said his anxiety is better but the voices haven’t stopped, he has been taking the tablets for a year. I know his behavior isn’t normal but I am not sure what I should be doing or how I can help, now that he has told me I can completely see he checks out of our conversations often. And more recently he will say things which don’t really work into what we are talking about when I ask what he said he’ll say nothing and I don’t know if he actually believes he hasn’t said anything or not? I can see he doesn’t seem happy and constantly on edge. Do you think this is schizophrenic or some other form of mental illness? He has seen a psychiatrist in the past who diagnosed the anxiety but it’s apparent that it’s not just anxiety he suffers from, can you please help. Thank you.

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