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Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid (GHB): Facts

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Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid (GHB): Facts Empty Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid (GHB): Facts

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:25 pm

Abuse of Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid (GHB) has been known since the early 1990's. Also severe intoxications with fatal outcomes is comparatively high with GHB.
Which of the following statement is WRONG regarding GHB?

(a) GHB is used by athletes to improve performance, and is also popular as "date rape" drug.
(b) GHB intoxication characteristically produces episodes of agitated delirium that can precede or follow the period of stupor or coma.
(c) Laboratory tests for GHB in serum or urine will detect GHB irrespective of the time of use.
(d) Emergency management in GHB overdose is primarily supportive and no specific antidotes exist for GHB.
(e) GHB can be used medically for the treatment of narcolepsy.
(f) All of the above statements are correct.

Gamma-HydroxyButyric acid (GHB): Facts Ghb-10

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